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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Marketing Direct

The Reason Why Most Small Business Marketing Campaigns Fail

Posted: 01 Feb 2012 09:38 AM PST

A long time ago, I was working with a client who owned a good business that was already doing well. My client was great at what he did. His customers and employees liked him. And he had a pretty solid competitive advantage over his competition. But even so, he paid me to help him get to the next level. So we brainstormed all sorts of ideas. And then one day, I wrote what I believe to be one of the best marketing campaigns I ever have produced. And I can look you straight in the eye and say this because the campaign I created was modeled after another one that was already had working. But guess what happened when my client tested this new campaign? It bombed! Why? Read this short article to find out the answer.


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