The Top Tip For Career Employment and College Success

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According to the study Workforce 2020, the number skill employers are seeking from college graduates is leadership closely followed by critical thinking, problem solving and team participation skills. Yet most career employment tips look to building impressive resumes to interviewing well because these more technical skills will get you on your path toward career employment. This belief is rooted in what I call the Osmosis learning factor because through absorption you will get everything you need.

The number one top tip for career employment and to secure college success is hardly if not rarely ever discussed. Why? Because those leading the discussion are just as clueless as those soon to be college graduates.

If you want college success (that being defined as graduating from college in 4 years and securing your ideal career employment, then your action is to write both a career and personal life plan. By taking this action, you are demonstrating leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country including college students place more value in the common written grocery list than they do planning their futures. Just think what happens when that written list of must buy items is left at home or the office?

  • More money is spent
  • More time is wasted
  • More items are purchased that are not needed
  • More emotions are wasted
  • More energy is wasted
Let's face it, the common written grocery list has more value than the future for the majority of citizens.

However this can be changed very quickly by establishing the goals you want for successful career employment and college success. For example, invest the time to writ down the following:

  • Where do I see myself in 3 to 5 years?
  • What company do I want to work for?
  • What type of experience will I need?
  • What type of person do I want to work for?
  • How much money do I need to begin a successful career?

Then consider some or all of these action items:

  1. Do you research about the industry, the job, the company and the people who work or are connected to the company (Career Coaching Tip: The Internet makes this far simpler than in years past.)
  2. Begin using social media to connect with these individuals especially LinkedIn since this site is visited by more business people and recruiters than any other site. (Career Coaching Tip: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete. Do not use your summary section as a resume. This is a big mistake. Your summary is where you share your compelling story, where you market without selling yourself, and also includes some results if possible.)
  3. Start if you have not and continue business to business networking so that you begin to establish and further develop critical future business relationships
  4. Make sure you have the sales skills, yes sales skills because this is all about the company buying you. (Career Coaching Tip: Everyone is in sales. It's just some people get paid to be sales people.)
  5. Invest the time to practice your communication skills with others such as friends, family members and even professional colleagues in the business world not necessarily the academic world. (Career Coaching Tip: Your non-verbal cues may torpedo any chances for that best job ever. Understand basic neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).)
  6. Put together a schedule based upon your goals such as each Monday I will personally connect with 5 people, identify 5 positions, etc.
  7. Work your plan and continue to plan your work by monitoring, measuring and managing your results

By being proactive you are now taking and creating your destiny because you have far more control that you probably realize. Through your predetermined thoughts and actions you are demonstrating you are a forward thinking leader and that is the first step to successful career employment and life success.

Second Careers For Women: The Best Jobs For Women Over 40


If you're a woman over 40 with kids in college and all the extra time on your hands, perhaps you're thinking of giving your career a second chance. Here are some career options for women over 40.

Jobs for women are aplenty in recent times and women have as much a chance as men when vying for any kind of job, although there are a few exceptions when the physical attributes of men are more suited for a particular job.

On the other hand, all jobs are not so easily available for women over 40, unless they have specific skills and proven expertise in their chosen line of profession.

Although it does get a little difficult for women to continue working full time at the same pace as they used to as they get older, there are still quite a few jobs that are well suited for women over 40, depending on the kind of experience and expertise they have.

Although it is a little scary to venture into a new profession at this age, there are some jobs that women can be trained on, to enable them to have a job of their choice and realize their potential. Some jobs that would be more ideal for women over 40 are:

Administrative Positions In Education

The Education sector has many positions that can be held by women over 40 like Assistant Principal, Principal, Dean, Director, etc. These jobs would be ideal for women with an education background who also have good managerial and administrative skills.

Women could also get trained in providing day care or education to pre-school children and then either work for or own a day care centre or pre-school education centre.

Senior Accounting Positions

Women who have the experience and expertise in Accounting can easily continue to hold such jobs in any industry, especially those related to yearly audits, or providing financial planning consultancy, etc. where they may work as per the schedule most suited to them.

Public Relations Jobs

Women who have good communication skills, a way of dealing with sticky situation and the ability to maintain good relations with people in spite of any crisis can easily get jobs in the public relations sector of any firm.

It helps if you already have a network of contacts that would be useful to the firm. This job requires the mature handling of people and situations that women over 40 are well equipped to provide.

Copywriting And Content Writing Jobs

Writing is a wonderful way to express oneself and does not require any physical stress. Any woman over 40, who has a natural flair for writing, can get content writing jobs in various sectors.

There is tremendous scope in this field because of the number of websites available with constant need of content update, due to the popularity of computer usage for providing information and for advertisement of products and services.

Yoga Instructor

If you've had fitness goals that you put on the backburner because of kids and family responsibilities, now is the best time to get back into your fitness routine and, if you're passionate about it, you can even make a career of it.

Yoga trainers can get a job as a consultant with gyms, start workshops or classes for corporate or even start your own yoga classes. To be a good yoga teacher, passion, determination and the ability to coach others is more important than experience.

These are just a few jobs that would be relevant to women over 40. There are many more such jobs that are available to women without any restrictions because of age, which means that, there is now no need for any woman over 40 to be without a job.