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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

International Business

Entrepreneurs: Using Auction Websites to Your Advantage

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 04:28 PM PST

With the right online strategies, small businesses are finding that their success rates are improving at a continuous rate. There are many options available for small companies to become successful through the Internet. One of the least risky of those options is taking advantage of auction websites.

Unlimited Text Messages - Really Possible?

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 02:16 PM PST

Marketing has become a very important part of all businesses. No matter what you sell and how you earn money, marketing is something that is very important for every business. When done effectively, the sales can be easily boosted up to 5000% or sometime even more.

Mobile Marketing Methods

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 01:41 PM PST

There are several different ideas and ways you can use SMS. SMS, or text messaging, is basically permission based marketing.

Increase Price Tips

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 01:13 PM PST

With current levels of inflation, every year you fail to increase your price you only receive 95% of the previous year's income. Your costs will have increased by at least 5% so you are 10% worse off. It is vital you increase price frequently to at least keep pace with inflation.

Increase Price - Reduce Customer Costs

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 01:13 PM PST

If you are in a business to business environment one way to successfully implement a price increase is to more than offset your increase with costs you save your customer. Here are a few ideas on how you can implement this strategy to gain value for you and your customer.

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Include Social Media

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 12:56 PM PST

Your prospective customers are using Social Media to find what they want, long before you could possibly know who they might be. They also use Social Media to keep in touch, and to learn what you and your competitors can offer them. And the world economic situation is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, most economists are predicting that things will get worse before they get better. So, if you want to grow your business, you can't have business as usual, because the "usual" isn't usual anymore.

Develop a Brilliant, High Impact Product Launch Using a 4P's Marketing Strategy

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 12:55 PM PST

For every new product that you launch you must have a launch strategy and a plan. If you don't you could waste time and money and achieve only a very low level of sales. This article has been written to help small businesses, and describes the essential steps required to develop a launch strategy based upon the 4P's marketing strategy approach.

How to Find the Best and Most Profitable Market Niche for Your Products

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 12:54 PM PST

Although it may seem an obvious thing to do, choosing the largest market in which to market and sell products is not always the best of ideas, and can even some times prove disastrous. This article explains why and introduces the concept of niche marketing. It also provides a practical five-step plan for developing a niche market.

3 Easy Small Business Marketing Ideas

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 11:56 AM PST

If you own and operate a small business, then surely you're interested in adding more new customers...referrals and repeat sales to your bottom line. And if so, then this article just may hold a few keys to helping you keep your business busy no matter the economy...your competition or anything else.

Get to Know Your Voters and Give Them a Chance to Know You

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 11:38 AM PST

Learn how to promote yourselves at events. Get to know who your community and votes are and give them a chance to get to know you.

Get Your Brand in Shape With a Promotional Pedometer

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 11:23 AM PST

Did you know that the recommended exercise level for good health is 5 miles a day? This equates to 10,000 steps yet most people would have no idea how close they come to this target. A pedometer, therefore, is a practical promotional gift with a quirky novelty value that recipients will love. By their very nature, pedometers are worn all day, which provides a great exposure for your branding.

Attract New Clients by Offering Solutions They Need

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 11:18 AM PST

If you want to pull clients in with your marketing, first you'll need to get their attention by providing real solutions. And, I mean not the fluff you see out there - but real solutions your clients can use and get results from.

10 Steps of a Compelling Sales Page

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 11:18 AM PST

Here's your strategy tip or client attraction, how to get you more clients and leverage you and clone you and make you more money so you can make more money, be more successful, grow your business while working less. About the idea of cloning you - This is what I share with my clients who have gotten to the point that they're at full practice capacity and now they can't make more money or get more clients because they are at full capacity. One of the concepts that I share with them is about cloning you.

Why Is Mobile App Marketing Becoming So Popular Among the Event and Class Organizers?

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 10:55 AM PST

Mobile app marketing has practically changed the way organizations connect and share their event or class-related information with the target audience. The conventional marketing strategies of advertising on newspapers and business magazines or distributing pamphlets have been taken over by more advanced set of promotional tools, such as the internet and various mobile devices. At present, a good number of organizations are using the Smartphone to promote and publicize their activities on a wider scale.

5 Reasons to Limit Price Cutting

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 10:54 AM PST

Price cutting has become a way of life for many companies these days. The reason: To sell at least as much currently as was sold during the comparable previous period. And it doesn't seem to make much difference if those companies sell cars, computers or clothing. Virtually every seller of goods or services - except professionals such as doctors and lawyers - seems to be engaged in price cutting, a practice that can, in fact, kill your brand or bankrupt your company. Consider these five reasons to limit price cutting...

Catalogue Printing

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 10:38 AM PST

What is and why choose catalogue printing for your business? A guide to investing in catalogue marketing for your company.

Here Are Some Marketing Tips

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:56 AM PST

Marketing Tips An unprecedented amount of people use the internet on a daily basis. Learning how to tap into this ever growing market will enable any business owner the ability to achieve more online sales. Utilizing the following marketing tips authorizes any business the ability to drive more traffic to their website.

Encouraging Staff Input in Your Dental Business

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:46 AM PST

Being a dentist or doctor at one time was an authoritarian role. You were in charge and practically no one would question it.

5 Types of Promotional Bags to Market Your Brand

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:43 AM PST

Promotional bags are the ideal product to market your brand. Useful and practical, it is no wonder that they have been the number one promotional item that companies have purchased to use for their marketing campaigns. Read on to find out about five types of promotional bags your company can invest in.

How to Leverage Your Time and Investment at a Bridal Show

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:39 AM PST

A bridal show is a large investment in your business. If done correctly, you can really make your investment pay for itself. If done poorly, you will see it as just a waste of money. But you know what? That all depends on one thing. YOU.

The True Meaning of Being in Business

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:39 AM PST

Being in business is a dream for many people but many people don't really grasp the full idea of what it means to be in business, to accomplish all of the goals that one has set as a small business owner. Let's not beat around the bush, I like to come directly to the point. Being in business means that you are prepared to engage in work and being a success as a small business owner means that you are willing to go the extra mile and engage in very hard work.

Testimonials: Your Selling Super Powers

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:37 AM PST

You have created a fabulous business. You have likely heard over and over that rave reviews from your clients are perhaps your most valuable tool for bringing in new clients. You can think of these little gems as your instant "selling super powers!" So, what's holding you up from attaining these powers?

All About Brochures

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:36 AM PST

Brochures are an extremely necessary tool in marketing and an inevitable organ of direct mail advertising. It is necessary for a flyer to be both informative and persuasive to support its credibility. They should contain an intriguing theme rather than focusing more on promotion of the product and overflowing with FAB.

Shopping Locally: An Idea That Just Makes Sense

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:12 AM PST

When you spend your hard earned dollars just where does the money go? Is it funneled back into your community or does it god to enhance the economy of some distant corporate town perhaps thousands of miles from your home? In 2012, this is a fundamentally important question to ask.

Why WordPress Is the Smart Choice for Website Content Management

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 08:53 AM PST

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) for your website an internet marketing hub is supremely important. WordPress is the smart choice on the market today. There are a number of benefits that support this statement, as any number of WordPress designers would attest.

Using Hit and Miss Strategies in Your Business?

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 07:01 AM PST

Marketing is not a hit and miss strategy - it is 24/7/365. Surprised? Don't be! Too many businesses don't have good marketing strategies to begin with - so how can they market 24/7? I have seen it over and over, small business owners buy marketing on a hit and miss basis. They see a sale on newspaper ads, or the local radio station calls and offers them a deal that they cannot refuse.

13 Marketing Tips For Small Business

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 06:49 AM PST

The lucky 13... Here are 13 things you need to check through to make sure you have implemented them all in your business. Create a great USP - something that stands out and tells your clients why you are not only the best choice, but the only choice in their purchasing decision.


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