Business Security

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Business Security

CCTV Camera Systems - IP Vs Analog

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 05:55 AM PST

CCTV security cameras have come a long way since being first introduced into the market in the late 1960's. There are all types of CCTV cameras now such as dome cameras, bullet cameras, IR cameras that can see in the dark, and even tiny little pen cameras like the James Bond. The security camera industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in recent years since September 11th.

Security Guard Responsibilities

Posted: 31 Jan 2012 05:35 AM PST

Guarding and serving people, security guards are the direct target for theft prevention. Working on a number of job duties such as patrolling property and inspecting it, they will also be guarding against fire, terrorism, break-ins and criminal activities. Security guards are often the first on the scene to defend their employer's residence, deter criminal situations and assure that laws are enforced on the home and property. Proper security training is the starting point towards becoming a future guard.


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